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There are many popular casino-style games, but nothing matches the growth and popularity of poker and how poker influences society. Poker writing covers limitless topics in the gaming world; and poker writing can be a blend of journalism, feature writing, sports writing, entertainment writing, travel writing, food writing, technical writing, and so on, depending on what you choose to write. WHAT DOES FREELANCE POKER WRITING INCLUDE? You might think "freelance poker writing" is exactly that: writing about poker games.

You might also think poker writing is about writing for one specific market: poker magazines. This might have been true years ago, but not so today. The expanding market of online and offline poker and gaming magazines is one small fragment, out of dozens of paying markets, to find freelance work. The Internet has spawned many online writing opportunities, such as blogging, writing for poker and gaming websites, self-publishing, and writing SEO articles for companies and affiliates.

And "poker writing" is more than writing about the games of poker. Poker writing encompasses the influences of poker, such as entertainment, technology, psychology, law, lifestyle, money, travel, and so on. Writing about poker and gaming, along with their influences on society, is limitless. Many successful freelance writers tap into an arsenal of online and offline media outlets to sell their work, not just to poker and gaming magazines. Their recipe for success is simple: they write varied topics related to poker and gaming that don't just fit into a specific poker magazine, but also fit (with some reslanting) into many other non-poker magazines and media outlets (i.e.

trade magazines, regional magazines, newsletters, tourism guides, newspapers, websites, blogs, ebooks, etc.) that cover varied subjects (such as gambling, gaming, professional sports, sports betting, travel, lifestyle, women's issues, money, finance, real estate, hobbies, and so on). WHY POKER IS ON THE MINDS OF SO MANY PEOPLE To write about poker, you need to know why it is on the minds of so many people. Why all the excitement? What do players see in a little game of cards? Many people fall in love with playing poker because it challenges the mind; poker games are thrilling and competitive; and let's face it, we love the winnings.

The winnings in poker games, even online, can trail with many zeros. What other game can you play with a $40 entry fee and win a couple of hundred thousand dollars, or as with WSOP winners, free slots fruit smoothie (great site) several million? It's what lures the crowds to the game. Once players begin to play, everyone is a legend in their own mind. The enticement and excitement of winning drives players to want to play more. Typically, players just play more and more once they discover Texas Hold'em.

Even if you aren't playing poker for the money, you will quickly become aware of the jackpots of money that poker players play for online and offline. Many people play poker because of the great challenges of the mind. Amarillo Slim (, another legendary poker player once said, "Poker is a game of people....It's not the hand I hold, it's the people that I play with." Most of the older players do play with dollar signs glinting in their eyes.

On the other hand, if you read some of the articles written about Slim in the past, you'll discover he enjoyed beating his opponents as much as anyone else., and showcase job postings for many different freelance opportunities. If you have the skills to write on gambling, specifically poker, then you'll never be short on writing gigs. In fact, a search on a handful of job boards produced many writing opportunities, from blog posting, to writing articles on poker games and strategies.

POKER WRITING OPPORTUNITIES If you want to write about poker and gaming, the opportunities are there. If you are educated about poker and you can write well, the opportunities will be endless. However, you have to be better than average to earn a decent income as freelance poker writer. You must know your "stuff" in this field. Writing about poker and its players requires you to learn about the games of poker and about the players whom people want to read.